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Why Routines are Important for a Healthier You

It’s a common misconception that the introduction of a routine into your daily life can be suffocating and boring, when the opposite is in fact true. However, a daily routine goes a long way in getting the most out of your day, becoming your best self, helping you stick to your health and fitness goals and maintain your SculpSure results.


Having a healthy eating routine is beneficial for a number of reasons. Eating regular meals reduces the risk of forgetting or skipping a meal, this can often lead to overindulging with snacks throughout the day or over compensating in your next meal. Eating regularly also helps to boost your metabolism to avoid your metabolic rate slowing down, making it harder to lose weight consistently no matter how healthy you’re eating. Finally, having a routine encourages healthier choices, knowing what time you’re eating every day reduces the temptation to grab something quick on the way home from work or school, due to lack of time or energy to cook. You have the time to be conscious of consuming healthier, more nutrient dense foods you can also try setting aside some time at the beginning of your week to meal prep.


An average of 30 minutes of exercise a day is encouraged for maintaining your fitness levels, as well as your SculpSure results. While this sounds easy enough as your days fill up with other priorities it’s easy for this to be pushed to the back of your mind. Before we know it, the day is over and you didn’t manage to make it to the gym or go for that walk, often leading to guilt and disappointment. However, creating a daily routine allows you to schedule this as a top priority and find ways to fit it into your lifestyle, even if that means waking up half an hour earlier. Sticking to an exercise routine allows your confidence and love of exercise to grow and it will soon be second nature and something you can’t go a day without.

Mental Health

Not having a routine can often lead to a clouded mind, introducing levels of unnecessary stress and anxiety to your day. A lack of routine encourages the formation of bad habits and procrastination, which in turn can create a negative headspace – a vicious cycle that is hard to break from. Replacing your bad habits with scheduled tasks is the easiest way to remove them from your life. Scheduling blocks of self-care and enjoyable activities, such as exercise, reading or hanging out with friends, into your daily routine ensures a more balanced lifestyle and a more holistically healthier you.


Ensuring you get 8-10 hours sleep is possibly the most beneficial thing you can do for your body, both mentally and physically. Consistently scheduling this block of time in your daily routine encourages a deeper, more peaceful sleep. This ensures enough time for you body to reboot and prepare for another fully packed day, waking up feeling better rested.

Maintaining a regular and consistent routine, when combined with SculpSure’s treatments, can ensure you maintain a toned physique, as well as a healthier lifestyle. A non-invasive body contouring treatment lasts no more than 25 minutes per treated area. SculpSure melts fat cells for good, providing outstanding results with no downtime!

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