Blog SculpSure SculpSure: A Proven Weapon In The Battle Of The Bulge

SculpSure: A Proven Weapon In The Battle Of The Bulge

“SculpSure is a valuable addition to any practice… Certainly a game changer in the non-surgical field of body contouring”

SculpSure has changed the landscape of non-surgical liposuction. The world’s first hyperthermic laser treatment, it is an entirely new approach in reducing adipose tissue. It does so in a comfortable, fast, effective and affordable manner for both you and your patients. Unlike other non-surgical fat reduction procedures, there is no suction with the SculpSure device and no pulling of the tissue. A valuable addition to any practice, SculpSure is an excellent standalone treatment that can essentially add another arm to your practice. It is a flexible, convenient and profitable device that can treat patients in 25 minute sessions.

Reap the advantage of a profitable, predictable and versatile treatment that offers 24% fat reduction in a 25-minute treatment. To read the full article as featured in the 2017 Autumn edition of Aesthetic Medical Practitioner, click here -> “SculpSure: A Proven Weapon In The Battle Of The Bulge“.

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