Blog SculpSure No Gym Required: How To Keep Fit At Home and Maintain Your SculpSure Results

No Gym Required: How To Keep Fit At Home and Maintain Your SculpSure Results

While it may seem that you have achieved the body of your dreams thanks to SculpSure treatments, it is incredibly important that you continue to maintain these results through healthy diet and exercise. Thankfully, you don’t need to invest in a gym membership to continue looking and feeling great, as there are many workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home. Here are our top exercise tips to help you stay fit post-treatment, and maintain your contoured physique.

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to help keep your body toned and trim as they engage various muscles all over your body, with no equipment needed. Exercises such as push-ups, planks, sit-ups, squats and lunges are an intense and efficient way to recruit several muscle groups by using your own body weight as resistance. Whilst squats are fantastic for targeting inner thigh fat, defining the quads and working the glutes for a firmer, rounder and lifted appearance, push-ups can assist to tone upper arms. The best part about bodyweight exercises is that they can be done anytime and anywhere!

If you are looking for a quick and effective way of burning fat, why not grab a jump rope and get skipping! Skipping is a great full body workout for everyone regardless of fitness level that helps improve flexibility, coordination and balance. The intense jumping motion is also helpful to shed fat off the legs and tighten the bum as it elevates the heart rate. For a short and sweet fat-blasting session, try 30 seconds of all-out jumping at a high intensity, followed by 30 to 60 seconds of rest (light jogging/walking in place). This can be repeated 5 to 10 times for a complete workout.

Another good at-home workout option is following a pilates video. A low-impact exercise that prioritises strength and muscular endurance, pilates relies on special breathing techniques to promote a tight and toned figure. For those who are conscious of their undefined mid-section, pilates helps build core strength through basic exercises like stomach vacuums and crunches to assist the fat-shedding process off problem areas such as love handles, lower back and that stubborn lower stomach.

These exercises, when combined with SculpSure’s treatments, can ensure you maintain toned legs, tight arms and a flat stomach. A non-invasive body contouring treatment lasts no more than 25 minutes per treated area. SculpSure burns fat cells for good, providing outstanding results with no downtime so that your body is Summer-ready around the clock!

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