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Myth Busters: 10 Popular Exercise Myths, Debunked

When it comes to exercising and keeping fit there are a number of facts and myths that can make it confusing or difficult to know what advice you should be following. It’s important to know what’s real and what’s not to help you maintain your WarmSculpting with SculpSure results and live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Below we dispel some of the most common fitness myths.

  1. Strength training will make you look manly or bulky: Building muscle can be quite difficult, especially for women, due to a lack of testosterone. It can take months of training and precise nutritional balance to notice muscle growth. In fact a normal strength training routine can help you lean out and lose weight more effectively, as your muscles will still burn calories even when resting.
  2. You can target fat loss to certain parts of the body: Unfortunately, there is no evidence to support the idea that targeting problem areas with specific exercises means you’ll drop weight there. When burning fat, it burns from all over the body.
  3. More cardio means more weight loss: Spending hours on the treadmill is not necessarily the best way to burn fat. Will you burn a number of calories? Yes, but without the right diet it’s a losing battle. Furthermore, building muscle will increase the amount of calories you burn day-to-day and will be more beneficial long term.
  4. You have to lift heavy to see results: Strength training comes in many different forms, machines, heavy weights, resistance bands and body resistance exercises are some of the many ways to focus your strength training. All forms are beneficial and will produce the results you’re after.
  5. A session doesn’t count unless you walk out sweaty: When doing an intense cardio session you might feel like the fat is dripping off you, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Sweating is due to the body’s core temperature rising and releasing stored hydration to cool the body down. Loss of sweat can mean weight loss, however, it’s often water weight and not fat.
  6. You should work out every day: While it is incredibly beneficial to exercise regularly, rest days are just as important. Muscles need time to repair and grow, if they are constantly under stress this process is stalled.
  7. You can turn fat into muscle and muscle into fat: They’re two separate types of tissue, one cannot turn into the other. Don’t be afraid of growing muscle because you fear it turning into fat when you’re not as active and the opposite is true, building muscle will not magically replace fat cells. Nutrition is key!
  8. Core exercises are the way to get abs: Possibly one of the greatest misconceptions about exercising is that crunches and core exercises will create abs. Abdominal muscles work like all other muscles in the body, if fed the right nutrition and under the right stress, they will grow and strengthen. However, this does not mean a six-pack will magically appear, once again it also comes down to proper nutrition. A layer of fat cells covers the abdominals; the more these cells are reduced the more the abs will peek through.
  9. Stretching prevents injury: Stretching, in particular static stretching can be quite harmful on cold muscles. It is much more beneficial to warm up by increasing blood flow with a short period of light cardio.
  10. Weight gain means you’re getting fat: Muscle weighs more than fat, so the form of exercise you’re focusing on will affect the number on the scales differently. Cardio will often produce a much greater change to your weight, whereas strength training can lead to muscle growth, which then means an increase in weight, but not fat!

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