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How to Stay Motivated to Keep Fit Over Winter

As the weather cools, the allure of a cosy bed and warm fire become all too enticing, meaning our exercise regime can often suffer. Whilst it can be hard to maintain your fitness and stick to your workout goals in winter, there are some simple ways to keep motivated despite the darkness and cold weather and keep you looking and feeling your best all year round.

Perhaps the best way to maintain motivation is to stay out of the winter weather. Try taking your workout indoors and maximising your fitness results. If you struggle for motivation at home with a living room self-session, classes at a gym are another fantastic way to beat the cold and keep active over winter.

Training with a friend, family member or partner is another great way to stay in shape over winter. With added motivation and someone to brave the cold winter mornings or evenings with, you can be well on your way to tackling the winter bulge.

Try drawing inspiration from new workouts or by setting yourself a goal for the season. Winter is a fantastic time to try that workout class you’ve been thinking about, or set yourself a realistic goal that you can work to achieve.

Even consider purchasing a new outfit or downloading a new set of music tracks that you have been dying to listen to. Doing a workout in a new look and new music can offer additional motivation and encourage you to get into the gym and achieve your goals.

However, if persistent winter exercise with no results has you feeling down, our SculpSure technology is a smarter way to reclaim your body confidence with a more toned physique. As the world’s first FDA-cleared and TGA listed hyperthermic laser treatment for non-invasive body contouring and fat reduction, SculpSure works to target stubborn pockets of fat that traditional diet and exercise just can’t seem to shift.

Using patented technology, SculpSure reduces fat by up to 24% in treated areas and can be used to target areas of the flanks, abdomen, back, thighs and chin area. Quick, and easy! Each treatment session lasts just 25 minutes and requires no downtime, meaning that all your regular activities can be resumed immediately post treatment.

It is however important to maintain regular winter exercise as part of maintaining your SculpSure results.

To find further information and start your SculpSure journey, find your local SculpSure provider.

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