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Four Simple Ways You Can Maintain Your Physique This Summer

Achieving the summer body you’ve always wanted with WarmSculpting treatments is easy, safe and effective. However, maintaining your physique can be half the battle, especially after the festivities of Christmas and the New Year holiday. Below, we share a few ideas that will help you easily maintain your WarmSculpting results.

Calorie Counting

The key to weight management is the balance of energy consumed opposed to energy burned; whether the goal is to lose, gain or maintain weight, this is the simple rule to follow. Calorie counting is an effective method for tracking the energy consumed over the day and tipping the balance to your intended goal. To reside in a maintenance stage, you must consume the equal number of calories to what you use throughout the day. Calorie counting works to educate you on certain foods and their benefits in the functioning of the body; it builds consistency in meal scheduling and helps to prevent the overconsumption of whole processed foods. Once you are confident in your ability and discipline in calorie counting it can then be a method that allows you to indulge in treats and cheat meals as long as they fit in the allotted calorie intake.

Sound Sleep

A good night’s sleep is important for your overall health. Studies have shown that a rested and adequate sleep is linked to the maintenance of a healthy weight. A poor night’s sleep can result in a hormonal imbalance, causing a spike in ghrelin and a decrease of leptin – both are hormones that control the body’s appetite and increase the likelihood of overeating and the possibility of weight gain. Stress reduction is also evident with a good night’s sleep, which reduces the risk of eating from emotion rather than hunger. Ensuring the body receives adequate time to reboot and function correctly is imperative for weight management, depending on your age; the body needs on average 8 hours sleep a night, so make sure you rest up!

Enjoyable Exercise

Once you’ve hit your ideal weight and body goals it is increasingly important not to take a step back in your exercise routine. If you find yourself struggling to get up and get moving after the festive season, don’t be afraid to changeup your workouts for something new and more exciting. Motivation is the key to increasing productivity. Step out of the gym and grab a friend to take part in a coastal walk together–hit your steps while you soak up some Vitamin D. Why not take advantage of the warmer temperature and take up swimming for your daily workout, a great full body workout that can improve your cardiovascular health as well as your muscular endurance.


When striving to maintain your WarmSculpting results, consistency is key. All of the above-mentioned strategies will only contribute to your maintenance goal if you’re committed to them. Whilst it is important to keep yourself accountable with a healthy diet, regular exercise and an adequate amount of sleep, it is also important you enjoy this time with friends and family to ensure a healthy lifestyle balance. Know the unavoidable slip isn’t going to ruin your results. Get back on track and avoid the all too common danger of starting fresh tomorrow – why start tomorrow when you can start today.

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