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Everyday Tips To Help You Maintain A Flat Stomach

Are you seeing amazing results after your SculpSure treatments and want to keep the momentum going? It’s a common misconception that to maintain a toned stomach, you need to over exert yourself doing abdominal exercises and workouts everyday. However a flat and toned stomach, as well as an overall trim physique is a result of a balanced healthy diet, the proper nutrition and the right type of consistent exercise. Maintain your flat stomach and SculpSure results throughout the cooler months, and all year around with some of our below tips.

Calorie Deficit

Maintaining a flat stomach all comes down to the management of weight and the best way to do this is to be aware of input versus the output of calories. To lose excess fat the body needs to be in a calorie deficit, meaning the body needs to burn more calories than it is receiving. This may seem overwhelming, but essentially it means you shouldn’t eat more than you need. Try eating five smaller meals over the course of the day to curb hunger and craving mishaps and eat (in moderation) complex carbohydrates for a slow releasing and longer lasting energy source.

HIIT workouts

High intensity interval training is the perfect alternative for those who are time poor or looking for other ways to burn energy than running on the treadmill or engaging in weight training. A HIIT workout enables you to burn the same, if not more, calories in less amount time, by mixing short bursts of maximum energy workouts and exercises followed by even shorter rest periods. You can convert any activity into a HIIT workout such as skipping; swimming and small circuits of body weight exercises are some of the more popular ways to incorporate this method. The main goal is to keep you heart rate up and keep it short, as short as four minutes if you are adding it to the end of a longer session or 30 minutes if it is a one off. To melt away that excess fat, try treadmill sprints next time you’re at the gym, 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Eat Your Biggest Meal After Your Workout

After a workout the body is more likely to be depleted of its energy reserves, therefore it is the best time to eat. Having a large and carbohydrate-dense meal will not only aid in recovery, but also all incoming calories and nutrients have a higher chance of being absorbed in to the muscle tissue instead of being stored as fat for later use. This means as your body continues to burn energy after your workout it is coming from stored fat instead of from your muscles.

Drink More Water

Whereas most beverages will go towards adding centimetres to your waistline, there is one that will go along way in helping to slim your stomach overnight – water! Drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day ensures the body remains hydrated, giving it the all clear to release any water retention and noticeably reduce any excess bloating. Water has also been connected to countering those dreaded cravings for sweet things later at night.

Avoid Belly Bloat

It’s quite natural to bloat throughout the day. The stomach is a muscular organ, which expands as it fills, therefore naturally it will grow in size over the day. However, there are ways to avoid increasing your waistline over a meal, try taking smaller bites of food and attempt not to talk while your mouth is full. Taking in air is the most common reason for bloating; therefore, drinking through straws is not only bad for our environment but also for our flat stomachs. Also if you are someone who chews gum constantly through out the day, this could be a major contribution to your pesky stomach bloat and may even increase your appetite for junk food, affecting your waistline in an entirely different way.

If you suffer from stubborn fat in your mid section that seems resistant to diet and exercise, visit our website to find your local SculpSure provider and start your journey towards a more sculpted figure today!

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