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Discover the Smarter non –invasive Technology for Fat Reduction

All too many Australian men and women are continuing to suffer from areas of stubborn fat that seem almost impossible to shift. If you’re tired of maintaining a balanced diet and engaging in persistent exercise and not seeing results, it may be time to try a new, revolutionary approach.

With the help of our smarter SculpSure laser technology, achieving your ideal trim and toned body has never been more within reach. SculpSure works to gently heat and destroy that unwanted fat in problem areas such as abdomen, flanks, thighs and back without surgery, injections or downtime.

Our body’s natural process of losing and gaining weight does not actually change the number of fat cells we have, but rather enlarges and shrinks existing fat cells. Many non-invasive fat reduction treatments follow a similar method and work to only reduce the size of the fat cells in problem areas, which can eventually grow back and offer little in the way of permanent results.

By safely raising the temperature of body fat, SculpSure disrupts fat cells which are then naturally absorbed and permanently eliminated by the body over time. There is no downtime, burning or bruising of the surrounding skin and results can be seen in as little as six weeks.

SculpSure has also been certified to treat different areas including the fat under the chin, virtually banishing the double chin for good! Whilst excess fat in this area has traditionally been difficult to remove effectively without undergoing invasive surgery, SculpSure’s clinically tested fat disruption technology offers unpreceded results in a few 25 minute treatment sessions.

Choose Sculpsure your smart option and say goodbye to troublesome areas of the body achieving outstanding non-invasive fat reduction results.

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SculpSure is an FDA cleared and TGA listed treatment that reduces the number of fat cells in specific areas. Find your provider today!