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Cardio or Weights: Which One Should You Be Doing?

Cardio vs. weights, it’s one of the biggest battles in the fitness world; which one is more beneficial, which burns more calories, and which one is more sustainable long-term? Most people will love one and detest the other, but which exercise should you be including in your work out routine to reap the most rewards?

Unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer. Whether you should be doing more weight lifting or cardio all comes down to your personal goals and what you are hoping to achieve from your workouts.

Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight the main factor is the energy balance. If you burn more energy than the calories you consume throughout the day, you will be in a calorie deficit and more likely to lose weight. It would then make sense to aim for a form of exercise that burns the most calories to keep you in a greater deficit. Calorie for calorie, cardio will burn more than strength training, with a rate of 10-12 calories burned every minute compared to weight and strength training burning 8-10 calories per minute. However, lifting weights will cause a metabolic spike for an hour after your work out, which means that during muscle recovery, you will be burning more calories for longer – even while you are resting.


If you’re not going to stick with it, no exercise is going to be very effective in the long run. It needs to be challenging yet enjoyable enough to keep you motivated. This is an area where many people will become bored with continuously doing cardio exercises, seeing it as monotonous, boring and mentally difficult. It can sometimes be hard to see progress in our fitness and endurance levels, which can be another negative deterrent for some. However, when partaking in weight training there is a greater chance for variety, whether it is in the types of exercise, volume of training, or forms of lifting. This variety and the possibility to see strength progression in both numbers and muscle definition has a higher chance of keeping strength trainers coming back more consistently than those who focus heavier on cardio alone. Due to this, doing a mixture of both exercises in your routine can help you keep more engaged and motivated to exercise for longer.

Impact On Overall Health

Exercise isn’t just about looking good, it is also important to consider what impact these exercises will have on your overall health. The repetitive nature of cardio such as, running, skipping, rowing, can put a lot of pressure on your joints, ligaments and tendons, causing wear and tear and other injuries. Strength training, if done correctly, can help strengthen the body’s core and other stabilising muscles, reducing the risk of injury in training and daily life. However, research has shown that cardio has an amazing impact on an your mental health, reducing anxiety and depression significantly after just 2-3 sessions a week.

Both forms of exercise have their place when planning an effective work out schedule. A holistic approach to health is important when maintaining your WarmSculpting results. Keep your body toned and trim, while keeping your mind and body happy.

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