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5 Healthy Christmas Meal Ideas To Maintain Your SculpSure Results

With so many reasons to celebrate during the festive season, dinnertime can often become synonymous with overeating, which can be counterproductive to your weight loss goals.

For those watching their waistline, resisting the indulgence can prove to be a challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to miss out on your favourite Christmas meals by adjusting the recipes for a more nutritious, lower-calorie alternative. Below are our top picks for a fuss-free feast that will help you stay slim during the festive season.

Cajun blackened fish steaks
It is evident why fish is the superior protein source: not only is it low in saturated fat, but a high level of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D helps boost body and brain functioning. For an exciting twist on the traditional steak and mash combo, opt for chargrilled fish to cut calories. This recipe involves rubbing fish fillets with a concoction of lemon, black pepper, fresh herbs and garlic then cooking over for 3-4 mins each side. Serve with your choice of steamed greens for a delicious yet nutritious dinner option.

Prawn cocktails
This delicious starter option involves lots of fresh prawns, which are known to be a low-fat source of protein that can reduce inflammation and risk of heart disease. Incorporate them into your dinner by combining them with lettuce and avocado in your favourite cocktail glass for a festive food favourite.

Lemony Herb Roast Chicken
A lean substitute for leg ham, this lemon and herb-encrusted roast chicken recipe is perfect for those short on time – allow the seasoned meat to cook in a crock pot whilst you unwrap presents for a delicious, smoky flavour. The trick here is to serve with fresh cranberries instead of sugar-laden cranberry sauce to achieve the same sweetness minus the extra calories.

Almond-stuffed chocolate dates
Dessert doesn’t have to be daunting: skip the calorie-rich cake snacks for a sweet yet safe fruit alternative that won’t exceed your macros. Almond-stuffed chocolate dates are a crowd pleaser and only take 15 minutes to make, simply stuff the dates with almonds after you’ve removed the stone, then dip in melted dark chocolate before allowing to set in the freezer.

Pomegranate sorbet
Significantly lower in calories and carbs, sorbet is the best switch for sugary ice cream. The natural sweetness of the pomegranate also means that added sugar isn’t necessary for this tasty treat – so you can satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free!

By adopting the healthy swap-outs mentioned above, you can enjoy your favourite meals this Christmas without worrying about compromising your health and fitness goals. Of course, proper nutrition should be accompanied by frequent exercise to ensure that you are maintaining your physique in between SculpSure treatments.

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